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10 Best Spring Fragrances To See You Into The New Season

by Johnny Farmer on March 28, 2019

April may be the cruelest month according to T.S Eliot in The Wasteland, thanks to its propensity for mixing memory and desire.

But when it comes to the more frivolous matter of picking a new perfume, this is the ideal month to indulge your olfactory impulses.

There’s a whole host of creamy vanillas and heady saffrons, rose-scented beauties, fresh lemons and bergamots, and delicious peach and violet notes to content with when it comes to the pick of the crop for this spring.

If you’re hoping to update your perfume wardrobe this season, here’s our selection of the best.


  1. Issey Miyake- L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport

Issey Miyake’s latest fragrance is energetic, modern and elegant. With undertones of nutmeg, leather, grapefruit makes the perfect combination. Issey Miyake never fails to deliver and this fragrance will not be any different.

  1. Lacoste- L.12.12 Red (Rouge)

Representing the original polo shirt that Lacoste is known for, this is the fourth edition of the L12.12. collection. It has a warm and sweet spiciness and under tones of mango and mandarin. Lacoste is known for their fresh an energetic scents and this will not disappoint.

  1. Bvlgari- The Silver Limited Edition

The new limited addition fragrance from Bvlgari has a woodsy and musky scent. It is a modern and sophisticated fragrance geared toward the working man. This will sure be flying off the shelves so run and get yours quick.

      4. Azzaro- Pour Homme Night Time

This fragrance is strong and sophisticated and appeals to a wide variety. This cologne will give men the feeling of confidence and power with its woodsy but citrus undertones.

  1. Cartier- Roadster Sport Speedometer

This is a new limited edition fragrance from Cartier adding to the popular Roadster collection. The speedometer designed bottle represents excitement, freedom, and life. Your possibilities are unlimited so go out and grab this fragrance before it’s too late.

  1. Curve- Appeal

This fragrance radiates freshness, energy and life. Sex appeal and masculinity is what every man wants and with this cologne that is what they will get. It includes a mixture of spice and sweetness.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana – The One Sport

With years of success this is the third in “The One” fragrance collection. This is the first sporty fragrance for D&G with warm and spicy undertones and the muskiness of a real athletic man.